Friday, September 6, 2013

WAKF (World ABSOLUTE KARATE Federation) President

Full Contact, Ultimate Fighting, Combat System.

ABSOLUTE KARATE is a path of the empty fist to spiritual and physical perfection.
Refining our body through training,improving intellect we develop and perfect our soul,with faith our spirit is strengthened.The heart of our karate is real fighting.There can be proof without real fighting.Without proof there is no trust.Without trust there is no respect.This is a definition in the world of Martial Arts! 
ABSOLUTE KARATE is a combat-karate system which remained secret until today. Main feature of this combat system is  instantaneous defeat of  the enemy.
Do not quit.You are already in pain.You are already hurt.Get a reward from it.ABSOLUTE KARATE is for those who aren't just interested in the result but in the process of attaining it. The result has two colors black and white.In the process of attaining the result you can find all the colors of a rainbow, which are all part of the white spectrum.ABSOLUTE KARATE - Path to Light - aspiration of a pure heart for perfection.The levels of mastership are reflected by a special belt system.The entree level is graded from 8 to 1 Kyu. Advanced levels are grated from 1 to 11th Dan.
Osu!! 押忍!
Soke Grand Master Yuri Naumenko Dzyudan ABSOLUTE KARATE 10-th Dan - NAUMENKO.YURI@YANDEX.UA